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Troy Chillingworth

Why invest in Local SEO

Investing in the practice of Local SEO for you business will give you a massive online advantage when it comes to brand awareness and sales leads.

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to access information and find places to purchase services and goods because of the Big G. 

When you incorporate search engine optimization into your local marketing plan you are setting a goal of putting your company website on the first page of the search positions when people type in a search query that is relevant to your products & services. 

How marketing has changed

Let’s think about how marketing has progressed over the years. 

It used to be all about the Yellow pages (old school phone books) if you were trying to find products and services. That’s mainly where companies used to get business from. 

Business directory advertising layout

As a business, you purchased an advertisement in the yellow pages and had it placed in your category of expertise.

For example; If someone needed a roofer they would take out their Yellow pages book and find you that way, nowadays they pick up their phone and do a quick search in Google. 


SEO is nothing more than getting Google to believe that your site is the most relevant for the search terms people use to find your products & services.

When your customers are out and about they require clear and accurate information.
People will find your business through a local search when using their mobile phone if you have optimised your website correctly.

This means it’s more likely for your potential customer to call you our show up to your business place over your competitors.

Why reviews are important

Building trust is critical with online business success. The best way is to get your raving customers to write you reviews about your products and services.

5 Star review rating infographic

When you consider the fact that buyers are always going to carry out some background research when weighing up whether to do business or not with you or  take their business somewhere else, the reviews and testimonials they find on the internet will play a major decision making factor. 

Reputation management is more important today than it has ever been.


Clearly SEO is the way to get your business in front of your prospective customers at the exact time they need you to help them with their problem they have.
Remember it’s your business presented on the first page of google or it’s your competition. 

SEO takes time, so the longer you ignore it, you are falling further behind everyone else.

When you are starting out we recommend you have a small budget for Google Ad words 

That way you will start off your SEO campaign where you need to be…On page one until you move up the organic Search positions from your optimization efforts.

Start optimizing your site today

If you need help with this…
Contact us today! 


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