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How To Find a Good Web Designer in Whangarei?

One way to build your business is to create a great website. But where do you start with web design Whangarei? If you don’t have the time or experience to design your own website, you will need a website designer. 

Now that you know you need a website designer, how do you start the search for the right one in Whangarei? All businesses have different requirements and expectations when it comes to their company website. When looking for web design Whangarei it’s big business, and there are lots of agencies out there who want to work with you.

Your website should be impactful and engaging to drive traffic to your business. When looking for your ideal designer, you should find someone who shares your values and understands your goals and objectives.

We share with you how you can get the best out of web design Whangarei.

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Find Out About Their Website

If they’re going to design your website, you should first check out their own website; this will give you an insight into how they work and what they can offer. 

Is their website attractive with clean content? Is it modern, and does it wow you at first sight? If they can’t get it right with their own website, why would you ask them to work on yours?

Ask Within Your Network of People

Word of mouth is a great tool when looking for a web designer in Whangarei. Speak to friends, colleagues or acquaintances who have had their own website created. Find out who they have used and check out their portfolio.

You could also take a look at competitor websites to understand what you want or don’t want and then speak to the designers to see what they can offer to make your website bigger and better.

Choose More Than One Company To Talk To and Ask the Right Questions

Make sure you shop around and don’t let the first web designer or agency pressure you to make a decision straight away. You need your website to extend your business and give you the right results, so don’t make any hasty decisions. 

Remember, it’s your money and your business, and it’s up to you to use it wisely. Many web designers will give you a free consultation; this will help you to understand if they share your vision. You will also learn how to make the most from web design Whangarei by speaking to more web designers and agencies.

Look at Previous Work

Check out their portfolio of websites that they have designed previously. If they have experience within your industry, this is a good thing as they will understand your business requirements. 

However, even if they don’t have previous experience within your industry, they may have the design skills that make your website stand out. They may be able to design a unique website for your business that stands out from the competition.

Why Use a Web Designer?

There are many reasons why you should use a web designer rather than doing it yourself. We have highlighted a few of these below.


If you’re running a successful business, you may not have time to put into designing a website. It takes lots of time to build the right website to give you the results that you need. 

If you take your time, you may miss the perfect opportunity to make the most of your website, and you will lose leads and traffic, which will then lose sales. 


Results are an important element of web design Whangarei, and a web designer knows how to get successful results from your website. They know how to improve your search rankings and the amount of traffic driven to your website. They also understand how to increase your brand awareness via the content on your website.


If you don’t have any experience in creating a website, where do you start? There is a lot of time spent constructing a website and understanding how each element will work with your business. An experienced web designer can make this process a whole lot easier for you. They can also give you a custom built unique website that has everything that your business needs.

How To Know You Will Work Well Together

Working with your web designer should be an enjoyable and productive experience. You should start the working relationship with clear goals and an understanding of what you want to achieve from your website. Make sure that you have a contract signed before you start so that you both know where you stand.

Communication is important between you to get the best results of web design Whangarei. Preparation is also key when sharing your plans with your web designer. They should be on the same page as you and know all about you, your business, and your brand. 

You need to be able to trust your web designer as you can’t be on hand at all times for guidance; this could be a long term relationship, so it would be good if you can get on with them and work well together.


Finding a web designer in Whangarei shouldn’t be a daunting experience, as long as you know what you’re looking for from your website. Clear goals and communication is an important part of finding the right web designer and web design Whangarei.

Make sure that you check out their website and their portfolio to see exactly what they can do. Talk to their customers to get a clear understanding of how they work. Shop around to make sure you get the right web designer for yourself and your business.

This is your website for your business; it should be exactly what you want to give you the right results.


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