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What Is Local SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimisation, abbreviated as ‘SEO,’ is the technique of using keyword-rich content on your website to rank high on well-known search engines. Local SEO marketing ranks your business using the same methodology to attract visitors in your backyard using targeted location keywords.

Many businesses neglect to take advantage of local SEO marketing, but this technique can generate loads of new business in your area if done correctly. Let’s investigate what this is all about and practical ways to begin implementing this marketing technique.

As more people use the internet to source products and services targeting local visitors in your country, city, or suburb, local-related keywords will help optimise your website. When your website is ranked on the first pages of search engines for specific search terms, you can attract thousands of visitors.

  • What is Local SEO? 
  • What is the Map Pack?
  • What is a local organic result?
  • How does the Google algorithm work for local searches?
  • The best way to find local business keywords to target. 
  • Summary of local SEO marketing.
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What Is Local SEO?

Brick and mortar businesses with their websites can use local SEO marketing with a combination of keywords and Google maps to attract visitors to their locations. This begins with researching the keywords target audiences use to find products and services or for information they’re looking for online.

With the implementation of Google maps, addresses of your location, and keywords with the name of your town, city, or suburb, you target potential customers in your area. For example, if you offer piano lessons in Whangarei, you should include keywords such as “piano lessons in Whangarei.”


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When people seek specific products or services in their desired location on Google, the top results will indicate where the searcher lives by location. For example, if someone wanted to find a restaurant in their area, Google would deliver results showing those closest to their location.

What Is the Map Pack in Local SEO Marketing?

Google and other large search engines offer businesses the use of maps and coordinates to allow potential customers to pinpoint their exact location. In search results, you may often see the top options showing where businesses are located along with detailed maps and business street addresses.

Google Maps, which is often referred to as Google local map pack, gives searchers highlighted results on these maps with snippets of your business information. The results are determined by the keywords that searchers are using for your business which will show the highlights of these map packs in search engine results.

You can try doing this yourself using this example. Take a look at trying to find an electrician in your area and notice how the first few results are displayed, often showing maps, addresses, and pins in address locations. 

These results will be displayed relevant to your IP address picked up by Google while searching and will indicate your country and city.

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What Is a Local Organic Result?

Local SEO marketing techniques are where businesses show searchers their location, which can be done by targeted advertising.

Alternatively, by using search engine optimisation correctly, you can achieve an organic result ranking naturally for specific keywords. Organic local results will always be the prominent listings when you search, specifically when the search is done using a location.

The local marketing SEO process of ranking organically takes time and patience; this includes doing in-depth research to use the best-performing keywords on your websites. 

Businesses and individuals often use search terms by locality, an important consideration when using keywords along with location names.

Local SEO marketing benefits include:

  • Connects your business to local customers. 
  • Offers visibility to your brick and mortar business.
  • Targeted sales from local search queries.
  • Helps build trust in your brand.
  • Local searches appear before organic searches. 

How Does the Google Algorithm Work for Local Searches?

Many articles have tried to address how Google algorithms work in ranking websites, but with the software constantly being updated, it can be difficult to define this exactly. Software known as spiders crawl websites, scanning their content and keywords, and they will assign rankings based on how the keywords are used on the pages.

Google algorithms have been designed to give searchers the most accurate results according to their queries. For SEO purposes, this means careful research for terms that people are using to search for products and services and incorporating them into your content.

The Best Way To Find Local Business Keywords To Target

Local SEO marketing is extremely competitive, so diligent research is required to investigate what people are looking for in natural keywords. Fortunately, businesses can take advantage of a variety of fantastic free keyword tools to get started. 

These tools may be limited on their free plans, and for businesses determined to rank, paid versions may be the prudent option but are a great source to get started with.

For most businesses, the smart choice is to use SEO marketing services that have relevant skills to help you achieve the rankings you’re targeting for your business. 

Ranking on top search engines is becoming difficult and complex, which makes doing it on your own time-consuming and even frustrating. 

Where it concerns optimising your business website, ranking high on top search engines takes time and patience. You begin by researching the highly searched keyword terms people use and incorporating these naturally into your content.

Website optimization rules

Summary of Local SEO Marketing

The importance of search engine optimisation can never be stressed enough, and highly ranked websites can enjoy getting thousands of visitors per day on top search engines.

Having your business ranked on the first page is a powerful position and naturally a profitable one. Staying ahead of competitors means constantly adding new content and keeping abreast of trends in how people search for products and services.

Optimising websites consists of many factors, such as:

  • Using quality optimised content on your website.
  • Implementing targeted keyword search terms.
  • Keeping your website relevant to search engine queries.
  • Proper website structure with headings and meta tags.
  • Local SEO marketing techniques using map features.
  • Getting local results to display above-average results.

The above are just some examples of what businesses need to consider for ranking well in top search engines using local search engine marketing. 

Using professional SEO services is often the sensible choice for over-extended business owners and worth the investment in the long term. Having your business ranked on the first pages of any top search engine means more customers, more sales, and more profits.

Let’s be honest…you can use this to your advantage or let your competitors take the advantage.
If you have the time, apply this to your marketing strategy or if you spend all of your time working on your business, then let us help you. 
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