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The Importance of Google My Business for Local Northland Companies

When launching your business, it’s important that you get out there and target the right audience, especially online. The difficult thing is how to get started and knowing the right places to market your business. 

Remember the big phone book? It’s now moved online, and there are many online directories out there. You should get your company’s details on them all to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity to increase your visibility to potential customers. 

However, quality is more important than quantity. You want your company to be showcased on the best quality platforms and the ones that will highlight your business, increasing the visibility of your brand.

In this guide, we will introduce you to Google My Business and let you know how you can help your local business by making the most of Google My Business for Northland companies.

We will also share with you some top tips on how to optimise your business using Google My Business for Northland companies.

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What Is Google My Business?

Google My business is a tool offered by Google to help your business become more visible, as it serves to promote your business on Google search and Google maps. It’s a free tool that benefits both companies and customers.

As a company, it helps you verify your information and allows you to edit and update this when needed. It assists customers to find your company and also will enable them to interact with you and for you to connect with them. 

Google My Business for Northland companies shows your company’s contact details and location. It lets customers know your opening and closing hours and gives them a link to your website. It also now allows you to post links to articles or events that are taking place.

Your listing includes:

  • Description of your business.
  • Business category.
  • Website link.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Business hours.
  • Photos.
  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Questions and answers.

How To Apply for a GMB Listing

Google My Business is completely free to use, and anyone can apply for a listing. 

There’s no need to wait; you should get started straight away and claim your free listing on Google My Business for Northland companies.

Start by making sure you have a business email address set up and a Google account created for your business. You’re then ready to set up your Google My Business listing.

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How To Set Up Your Google Business Listing

It’s easy to set up your Google My Business listing. You need to first sign in to Google using the account that’s to be associated with your listing. Then search for ‘Google My Business.’

Click on the ‘Manage Now’ button to start. It will then ask you to enter the name of your business. If there’s no business set up with this name, you should click on ’add your business to Google’.

The next steps to set up your listing are:

  1. Add your business name.
  2. Add your business address — You can choose to show your address or hide it if you’re an online business only.
  3. Set your location — You may need to drag the marker to the exact location of your business.
  4. Set your delivery area.
  5. Choose your business category — You can choose both primary and secondary categories. It’s crucial that you get this right, so spend some time thinking about it.
  6. Add your business phone number and website.
  7. Finish and verify your business.

There are different ways that you can verify your business; by postcard (mail), phone, email, instant verification, or if you have more than 10 locations for your business, bulk verification.

Once you have verified your business, you’re ready to go!

Tips To Optimising Your Northland Business Listing

Once you have verified your business, then the work begins.

In order to optimise your business through your Google My Business for Northland companies listing, you need to make sure that you have added as much information as possible and that all of this is correct, relevant and updated. This will allow Google to match your business to customer searches and will improve your search ranking.

Photos help make your Northland company stand out from the crowd. Your logo will get your business recognised and will build your brand awareness. Why not show potential customers what you’re offering by having photos of your products, services etc.

Add updates or news items about your business; this will make your customers feel involved. New products should be highlighted, and offers always go down well.

Encourage customer reviews and questions, and always make sure that you respond, even if it’s negative feedback; this will make your listing more personal. Customers will like the interaction and will feel they have been listened to; this gives them the confidence to use your products or services again.

Final Words

Google My Business is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to get themselves on the map. Customers searching for local Northland companies will be able to find you easily when searching on Google, as long as your details are kept up to date and are relevant. 

Google My Business for Northland companies will help you optimise your business as it understands customers and their preferences. It knows exactly what they want and will update you when customers change their tastes or requirements.

It’s imperative that your business is at the forefront when potential customers search for the products or services you have on offer. Online visibility is key to your success.

Google My Business is a free tool that’s easy to use and takes relatively little time to keep updated. There’s also a free mobile app that you can use while you’re out and about; however, some of the features aren’t available on the app.

Your listing on Google My Business can help you increase your SEO rankings, website traffic, brand awareness and ultimately your sales.

Why would you not get listed?

It’s now up to you to put that knowledge to use.
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