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Engaging with Local SEO

How google search engine algorithm works.

Google has robots known as Googlebots. These bots crawl the internet looking for content on each URL they find. This content is then stored, organised and indexed.

Once a page is indexed that page now has a chance to appear in the search results.

When someone starts a search query Google will show the URL (web page) that they believe has the most in order of valuable information on page one to the least value for the searcher.

Home page of Google

Google is tracking how people respond to things on a keyword by keyword basis. They are tracking to see what people click on, what they spend their time on.

Do they go to your website?
Do they come back?

Google is tracking the best that they can and then integrating this into their algorithm.

When the search engine gives credit to your website.

Now if your brand gets more engagement then that’s going to kinda answer their question.
Did the searcher (customer) get what they are looking for?

If the buyer spent a lot of time on your website and maybe they called or contacted you via an email type form…that’s a really good sign that the customer is getting what they want. 

Results of website engagement

Negative effects of algorithms

On the flip side, the potential customer goes onto your website and when they land there they say to themselves “this doesn’t look right”.
They click off your website within seconds back to the search results to find a better suited more relevant company that can better help them with their problem.

That’s a clear signal that your website is not relevant for the keyword phrase they had typed into the search field. 

Sales graph arrow falling

As a result your website will slip further down the ranking positions in the search results.

Are Social signals good for SEO?

Google is able to see what is going on with your social pages, Facebook, You tube etc…even embeds of videos on your website.

Because social interaction on the internet today is so large this type of engagement has an influence for ranking in the eyes of the google algorithm.

Animated shot of laptop and Social site icons

Having active interactions has to be helpful with your SEO play

Branded Links

Search engines are also tracking branded search, looking at what sites you are linking to.

If a website you are linking to has good organic traffic and google can see that your site is relevant, you are going to get a boost straight away through that link connection. 

Section of links

Why google my business is important.

If you are a local business then Google my business is a must because this is going to get you leads in the Google maps.

When setting up GMB for your business you get to list your address, business information, hours you are opening and images of business relevant content.

Local shop front with GMB 

Being active on your GMB page is another good indicator, so putting up a post once a month or maybe once a week is good practice.
However having a GMB page is possibly not completely critical in the eyes of some companies
A lot of businesses didn’t ask Google to come and be a part of their business so it makes sense to believe Google respects that to some degree.

Google leaves clues everywhere with their services and Google My Business is a big one for local businesses. So if you are unsure if you need GMB for your company consult with your local SEO experts.    


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