301 Redirects Explained

Learn about 301 Redirects for websites

What is a 301 Redirect? A 301 redirect is a way to redirect a web page from one URL to another. It’s called a “301” because that’s the HTTP status code that tells search engines and web browsers that the page has moved permanently. This means that if someone tries to visit the old URL, […]

Keyword Research: The Smart Way

Keywords for SEO

What is keyword optimization? Put simply, keyword optimisation can be described as the act, or process of conducting research, analysis, and selection of keywords. The main reason for this is to find the most relevant keywords that will drive traffic from search engines to the website that you are currently building, or promoting. Keyword optimisation […]

What Is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Marketing

Search engine optimisation, abbreviated as ‘SEO,’ is the technique of using keyword-rich content on your website to rank high on well-known search engines. Local SEO marketing ranks your business using the same methodology to attract visitors in your backyard using targeted location keywords. Many businesses neglect to take advantage of local SEO marketing, but this […]

The Importance of Google My Business for Local Northland Companies

Importance of GMB cover

When launching your business, it’s important that you get out there and target the right audience, especially online. The difficult thing is how to get started and knowing the right places to market your business.  Remember the big phone book? It’s now moved online, and there are many online directories out there. You should get […]

How To Optimise Your Website Speed for Local SEO

Lightening Website speed

Website speed and performance is essential to enhance the user experience. If your website is too slow, you will lose visitors, and in turn, lose potential customers. A website doesn’t load all at once, as one page, it loads bit by bit, and there’s nothing more frustrating than a website that takes forever to load […]

On-page SEO Best Practices

Design cover picture for article on On site elements

It all starts with on-page SEO, this sets the foundations for your Search engine optimization strategy. For best practices, taking an technical approach to SEO is key.  When you are first starting out, understand that the algorithm can not interpret your content and determine whether its quality or not. Use on-page strategies to put keywords […]

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